I talk about Love and Rockets on Studio 360

A short segment about the influence Love and Rockets had on my artistic development aired recently on the public radio program Studio 360. You can hear it “here”:http://studio360.org/episodes/2008/10/31.

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Open the Black Box

The number one thing I see as standing in the way of getting the creative projects we want to be making actually made is procrastination. And when we procrastinate, we beat up on ourselves, which only makes it worse. We tell ourselves that procrastination as a character flaw. like, “oh I’m just a procrastinator.”

But procrastination is not about your character. It’s the manifestation of anxiety.

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Time is limited. What do you want to do with yours?

You want to make creative work. You can’t shake that desire, but maybe you also can’t figure out how to make it happen in your already-packed life. Maybe you imagine that someone like me, who does not have a day job, and gets a lot of stuff done, that I have a simpler life, somehow.

I wish.

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say yes to cheese and grapes.

Take a pause to really see what you’ve accomplished, and celebrate it. Today, I’m celebrating the release of my new podcast.

Have a book!

Out on the Wire is out in the world + USA book tour dates

Out on the Wire: the Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio, my comics documentary on the narrative ideas and techniques of the new generation of top audio producers hit the bookstores last Tuesday. And I’m making a few stops for book events in the USA in September. I hope you’ll come see me; I’d be thrilled to get a chance to sign your books for you.

Punk Rock Jess

be a poser

I’m just gonna come right out with it: I am a poser.

I’m a cartoonist who didn’t go to art school.
I teach, but I have no teaching credentials.
I wrote two books about how radio producers make stories, but I’ve never* made a radio story.
I write articles that have no basis in research whatsoever.
I’m not punk enough.
My French sucks.