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all about Jessica (FAQ)

In an effort to answer everyone’s burning questions about me, my work, and my extremely interesting opinions about things, I’ve written this FAQ. I will add to it as I’m able.   Here’s the big picture:  Way back in college, an angry young me, shopping for records punk enough to play on the turntable I […]

September 29th 2011


who is Jessica Abel? Jessica Abel is a cartoonist and writer. Born and raised in Chicagoland, she moved in 2000 to Brooklyn, New York, after a two-year pit stop in Mexico City. Since 2012, she’s lived in Angoulême, France, with her husband, Matt Madden, and two children. (more: see bio) Photo by Gert Jan Pos

September 26th 2011

I talk about Love and Rockets on Studio 360

A short segment about the influence Love and Rockets had on my artistic development aired recently on the public radio program Studio 360. You can hear it “here”:

November 5th 2008

Feminism Core Sample: new poster available

feminism thumb

Every time I turn around these days, I encounter this wave of angry feminist feeling emanating from Twitter, the internet, my friends. It simultaneously thrills and energizes me, and makes me miserable to realize how much horrible shit still happens all the time to women because they are women. Not like I didn’t realize it before, […]

December 9th 2014

Books and their covers: designing for Trish Trash

A few notes on designing book covers for Trish Trash and for Susan Choi’s My Education.

November 18th 2014

radio comics

I’ve made something of a habit of making comics about something you can’t see: radio and audio storytelling. My first foray was in 1999: a short comics called Radio:an Illustrated Guide, co-written with Ira Glass and about the way This American Life was (is) made. It also sets you to encourage and equip you (in […]

November 18th 2014

“authenticity,” expat life, and (not) going native in France

If you ask, I’ll tell you: you should go live abroad somewhere for a while. The thing is, when you live abroad, your perspective on home changes, and is complicated to the point that “home” starts to require scare quotes.

August 11th 2014

pastel vasco: almond cake with almond-orange cream filling

For the last couple years, I have posted Facebook pix of Matt’s birthday cake, which is always pastel vasco. In response to a few recipe requests, voila, my first cooking post. I didn’t know I’d be posting this, or I’d have made a bunch more food-porny photos. Too late now, it’s all gone! Pastel vasco, […]

May 10th 2014

Waiting for Douglas Coupland


One of my more, ahem, opinion-infused “journalistic” comics—about the (non) appearance by Douglas Coupland at a Chicago bookstore.

April 30th 2014

Using Scrivener to create fictional comics

A huge portion of my writing process doesn’t happen on the comics page, and all that stuff I do in Scrivener.

February 11th 2014